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JLC China Energy and Chemical Operating Weekly Report (Feb 22-Feb 26, 2021)

JLC China Energy and Chemical Operating Weekly Report (Feb 22-Feb 26, 2021)

2-26-2021 16:24:31

JLC China Energy and Chemical Operating Weekly Report (Feb 8-Feb 19, 2021)

JLC China Energy and Chemical Operating Weekly Report (Feb 8-Feb 19, 2021)

2-26-2021 08:52:09

JLC 2020 Annual Report on China Natural Gas Market (Contents)

In 2020, successive black swan incidents impacted the global commodities market. The Covid-19 triggered changes in global production and business models. Geopolitics and trade d

2-24-2021 10:23:52

JLC 2020 Annual Report on China LNG Market (Contents)

The international LNG prices fell to historical lows in 2020 due to the prevalent Covid-19. Domestic LNG prices moved more closely in line with the global market. With a

2-24-2021 10:22:08

JLC China Natural Gas Market Quarterly

China's apparent consumption of natural gas, a sum of domestic output and net imports, reached 89.07 billion cubic meters (bcm) in Q4, up 17% from Q3 and 9.25 bcm or 12% from the same period

2-24-2021 10:12:43

JLC China LNG Market Monthly Report (January 2021)

JLC China LNG price index edged 0.43% lower from December to CNY6,294.23/mt in January 2021, bucking a five-month rise since July of last year, but it still surged by 81.09% from year-ago le

2-24-2021 10:05:36

JLC China LNG Market Data Monthly Report (January 2021)

The national LNG price index in January 2021 was CNY6,425.14/mt, up by 1.64% month on month and 84.86% year on year.

2-24-2021 09:59:27

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