China’s energy industry entered an era of great connection in 2019:

• China New Force Refinery (large-scale new refining & chemical projects at coastal areas of China) connects oil refining with chemicals production, pushing China Non-State refineries into the new generation.;

• Independent refineries in China have been enjoying profits when China began to grant them quotas for importing crude from 2015. Ever since the official announcement by the Shandong government on tightening of controls on refining businesses and as the consolidation drive hits the independent refiners, many are developing and trying different business models to survive this challenging time.;

• There is an indistinct connection in the energy field between China and the US due to term contracts on ethane, natural gas, crude oil, LPG, signed before the Sino-US trade friction.;

• In order to combat the on-going global warming issue, the implementation of IMO2020 is making progress in reducing air pollution and further improving air quality standards. Winning the war for blue skies have connected our present and our future together;

• The Belt and Road initiatives connect China’s energy and economy to Central Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa and America via its crude oil and gas pipelines.

How will China oil and gas market evolve through the above connections to create future possibilities? What changes do we see over the past 20 years from viewpoints of 4C- compensation, construction, commitment and connection? To find out more, you are invited to join JLC at our 8th Singapore Oil & Gas Seminar held on Thursday, September 5, 2019 at Swissotel Stamford Hotel, Singapore.

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JLC 8th Oil & Gas Forum


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Welcome Remarks: Crystal Yeo, Sales Director, JLC Global


Opening Address: Roger Chen, Vice President, JLC Global

Oil and Refining Session:


China enters an era with China New Force Refinery (large refining-chemical complexes), industry faces shake-up

Development of refined oil diverges as demand diversifies Competition between emerging New Force refiners and conventional ones China’s energy market to open up amid upgrade and transformation

Questions and Answers

LPG Session:


Era of large refineries to pave the way for new competition

China LPG market changes in 2019 Major LPG players taking more market shares China LPG import market trend amid escalated Sino-US trade tension China LPG market forecast

Questions and Answers


Coffee Break

Bunker Fuel Session:


China’s path to low sulfur fuel oil

China makes slow progress in low-sulfur fuel oil supply Impact of the 2020 sulfur cap on China’s bunker fuel market Forecast of the future development of China’s bunker fuel market

Questions and Answers

Natural Gas and LNG Session


China sees substantial progress in the reform of Natural gas and LNG in 2019

Review and outlook of China’s Natural gas and LNG supply and demand China furthers the reform of market pricing and sees challenges Reform of infrastructure: the separation of pipeline operation and gas sales, and the opening of pipeline to third parties Hot spot for investment under new market environment

Questions and Answers


Closing Remarks

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