From 2019 to 2030, China Petrochemical industry will usher in a wave of planning, construction and commissioning of large-scale refining and chemical integration projects. Four forces are shaping the market pattern.
• Private integration projects
• State-owned integration projects
• Foreign-owned integration projects
• Shandong independent refineries

According to JLC statistics, China will increase its ethylene production capacity by 27.84 million mt, propylene capacity by 43.1 million mt and PX capacity by 19.2 million mt in the next five years.

Therefore, China petrochemical industry is bound to undergo huge changes, the profitability of the industrial chain and the supply and demand pattern will be reshuffled, and the import market structure will also undergo profound reform.

In 2019, Sino-US trade frictions continued to escalate, a wide range of China's textile and apparel products have been included, which will undoubtedly make it difficult for the polyester downstream demand to recover, further restrict the upstream benzene, toluene, MX and PX demand, and then affect the entire Chinese petrochemical refining industry.

In order to help you better understand the supply and demand situation of China's chemical market against such a complicated background, especially the gap in China's olefins, aromatics and methanol import markets, JLC will hold a seminar themed "China Petrochemicals’ Gateway to the Future" on, August 1, 2019, where JLC's experienced petrochemical elite team will deliver you the most in-depth insight into the industry, not only introduce JLC petrochemical pricing assessment methodology, but also open the gateway to the future of petrochemical industry.

Speakers and Panellists

JLC 3rd Petrochemical Forum


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Welcome Remarks: Crystal Yeo, Sales Director, JLC Global


JLC Petrochemical Pricing Assessment Methodology: Roger Chen, Vice President, JLC Global

Olefin Session


China’s Olefin Industry Development Forecast and Remarks

1. China olefin industry pattern

Demand gap widens, coupled with fast expansion of ethylene capacity Propylene overcapacity appears against PDH production peak Butadiene industry competition aggravates amid capacity surge

2. China polyolefin industry faces opportunities and challenges

Polyolefin industry starts to suffer surplus supply, and other olefin downstream products mostly see balanced supply & demand. With Sino-U.S. trade friction accelerated, polyolefin market is mixed. Product structure adjusts, and polyolefin industry upgrades to high end.

3. China olefin industry development tendency

Tendency for refining & chemical integration projects Accelerating feedstock diversification & profitability of each process route facing test Capacity expansion driven by cracking unit investment, followed by diversified competitors.

Speaker: Shirley Wang, Senior Editor, JLC Global


Questions and Answers

Methanol Session


China Methanol Market Pattern Evolves.

1. China methanol market status analysis

Supply keeps increasing, coupled with obvious seasonal features Demand from different downstream industries differentiates, and the new downstream markets develops fast High inventory becomes a “new normal”, followed by declining marginal effect Spot price synchronized with futures price

2. Forecast for methanol market pattern

Domestic supply to remain stable, but imports may be volatile Olefin demand to increase continuously and its dependency on methanol to decline East China and West China price spread narrows Diversified development of methanol derivative markets

3. Major focus and hot topics analysis

International political events occur frequently and market volatility intensifies

Domestic chemical industry integrates, driving rebalance of methanol supply and demand

Safety supervision, environmental protection to continuously impose large pressure

Speaker: Wang Pu, Senior Analyst, JLC Shandong


Questions and Answers


Coffee Break

Aromatics Session


China aromatics market to face huge changes

1. China’s PX import demand decreases, with China's integrated refining and chemical complexes coming on stream intensively

China’s PX supply-demand movements in 2019-2023

2. China’s benzene import demand increases, amid investment boom in benzene and its downstream fields

China’s benzene supply-demand movements in 2019-2023

3. The import volume of toluene and MX will continue to decline, as domestic self-sufficiency is on the way

Analysis on the change of China's supply-demand pattern via import data of toluene and MX What’s the driver of future demand for toluene and MX?

4. Conclusion--Future development trend of China aromatics market

A “Five Group Competition Pattern” in China aromatics market will form Benzene downstream industries face overcapacity and PX downstream industries witness accelerating integration Industrial chain supply-demand pattern and profitability will be reshuffled

Speaker: Yang Yuanyuan, Researcher, JLC Beijing


Questions and Answers


Closing Remarks

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