Leading provider of market intelligence and pricing solutions for energy products and commodities in China


At JLC, our purpose is simple We empower market participants

With twenty years of endeavor in China’s bulk commodity market, we are proud to offer our premium services in data intelligence, real-time business information, industry analysis, custom reports, market research and consultation, conference & training, pricing solutions and risk management to 1.38 million customers worldwide.

Headquartered in Beijing with branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shandong’s Zibo and Yantai, and Singapore, JLC has a professional team of hundreds of insightful analysts and research fellows providing data and intelligent application services with the help of technologies including big data and artificial intelligence. Our strong database comprising global spot commodity prices, derivative prices, data on market fundamentals, industry data and macroeconomic data covers hundreds of products in over a dozen industries such as oil, natural gas, chemicals, hydrogen, steel, plastic, rubber, polyurethane, chemical fertilizers, chemical fiber and coating materials.

Apart from companies in the above-mentioned industries, we also have long-standing customers ranging from financial institutions and government associations to research institutes. With our services, they have strengthened the ability in market analysis, prediction, business decision-making and risk control, all enabling them to trade with higher efficiency and profitability.

As a leader in comprehensive, digitalized and intelligent service in China’s bulk commodity market, JLC has been an established partner of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) for the latter’s price monitoring, and has been listed among Beijing’s first batch of pilot companies for innovative application of big data. We also collaborate closely with S&P Global Commodity Insights, Refinitiv, Bloomberg News, and the Singapore Exchange Ltd (SGX).

Inspired by the core values, our team takes the initiative, stands the tests, breaks new ground and strives for excellence. Dedicated to making commodity trading more efficient, JLC is committed to establishing itself as a world-class provider of comprehensive, digitalized and intelligent service in the industry.